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Any of several North American freshwater fishes of the family Centrarchidae, related to but larger than the sunfishes. Any of various marine fishes of the family Serranidae, such as the sea bass and the striped bass. 

Don't you just love Bass fishing, I know I do! Whether your just out for a quick Sunday morning fish, or your about to embark on a major expedition you will be feeling the excitement. The beauty of Bass fishing is that anyone can "have a go", The whole family can get involved in this fantastic sport. Or if your a little more competitive there are an ever increasing number of Bass fishing competitions you can enter, (and make some good money) if your keen and can catch Bass on a regular bases .I believe that to catch Bass you need to have a good understanding of the fish and its habits, you need to know what it eats, in the case of Bass almost anything from duckling's and frogs to insects, you need to know where they like to live, how they like to catch their pray and there general habits, there is nothing like hands on experience to gather this information but there are a number of very informative books and other media available to help you gather the information you need to understand your target. Eventually you'll be thinking like a Bass! And when you are you will be catching a lot more of them.

In general these fish are lazy, and won't expend much energy chasing there food, they tend to "hold up" in protected areas like stumps, rocks and vegetated areas and ambush their pray, therefore it makes sense to fish these areas well and with a variety of baits, and there are plenty of different baits available, you may need to try a few before you entice the bite. fishing for Bass is like anything else in life you need to work at it, work out what works for you and put in the hard yards, if you do this you will soon gain the valuable knowledge needed to become a top performer, and don't we love that winning feeling!

So if its a family bonding trip or your out for the big prize money you will catch more fish if you take some time to understand what makes them tick, but never forget the overall experience of getting out there and enjoying your waterways, no matter which way you look at it, it is a very healthy and rewarding pass-time.

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