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Anemone fish a small, brightly colour marine fish of the genus Amphiprion, found near sea anemones. Also called clown anemone.

These energetic colourful little fish have raced to stardom with the hit movie " Finding Nemo " . Pet shops have reported an 80% increase in sales since the movie release. In the wild these lovable fish enjoy a rare symbiotic relationship with anemones, anemones are creatures that have poisonous tentacles that it uses to catch small fish to eat. The Clown fish builds up an immunity to the poison by letting the tentacles graze its body an number of times to let small doses of poison into its system, over time the Clown fish becomes immune to the poison and can live along side the anemones, the Clown fish then eats the leftovers from the anemones and also eats dead tentacles from the anemones, it is also a safe place for Clownfish to live as other predators don't get near the anemones because of the poison tentacles, in return the Clown fish chases of fish like butterfly fish that like to eat anemones and provides fertilizer to the anemones by way of its feces. This is a rare and amazing relationship that is not seen in other species. How ever if you are looking into getting clown fish for your own tank the anemones are not a necessity as there are no predators to the Clown fish in your tank. You do however need to provide the right environment for your fish ie salt water and filtration etc. Caring for Clown fish in a tank is a lot more work than looking after your average gold fish and you should be prepared to spend a lot more time providing the right food and environment for your new best friends. The maximum size these lovely fish grow to is 3.5 inches and are best when in groups, so please make sure you have enough room in the tank and enough knowledge to care for your Clown fish.

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