puffer fish pictures.

Puffer fish picture

Any of various prickly, often poisonous, chiefly marine fishes of the family Tetraodontidae that are capable of puffing up by swallowing water or air. Also called blowfish, swell fish

This is an amazing fish, those spikes you see are not visible when the Puffer fish is deflated, they puff themselves up by inflating an internal sack with water, or occasionally air, although water is preferable as it is easier for the fish to expel through it gills and mouth, they have no rib cage so are capable of huge expansion. This incredible mechanism is engaged when the fish is threatened by predators or when another male Puffer fish enters its territory, The combination of a thick leather like skin and the spines make it very difficult for an attacking fish to bite the Puffer fish. there are an estimated 100 species of puffer fish generally living in the warmer areas of our oceans, (some live in fresh water) there teeth are fused together like parrot fish to feed on hard shellfish and crab. The Puffer fish is considered a delicacy in some asian countries, and can cost hundreds of dollars per serving, however this fish is poisonous and the chef's that prepare this dish in Japan must pass a very difficult examination to be licensed to prepare the fish, most of the poison is in the bone, head, organs and eggs of the puffer fish and the correct preparation is essential to make the fish safe to eat. Recently five people in Indonesia died after eating incorrectly prepared Puffer fish at a family banquet and several others went into coma's, so if you must eat this fish be very careful! The Puffer fish can be successfully kept in the home aquarium, but they have a large appetite and if hungry will nip the fins of other fish so be sure to keep them well fed.

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